A Boy Amongst Men

A leafless, helpless tree on the Hill

While sauntering back to my dorm in the warm breeze, I noticed the change of atmosphere around the university. People were wearing shorts and donning sunglasses for the first time in months. The birds were chirping and the Michigan-sized squirrels were rejuvented after their winter hibernation. Unfortunately for this little tree, the world is still the same. He is overshadowed by the majestic evergreen nearby, a situation the little tree is probably accustomed to by now . The evergreen’s sturdy trunk and its eternal verdant appearance disparage the skinny and frail stature of the little tree. In addition, the other trees in the area also are skyscrapers, trying to touch that cloud above. Honestly, whether the little tree has a conscience or not, you have to feel bad for it. Hopefully, better days lie ahead, when one day he will be the tallest tree in A2. But for now, the little tree must must be thinking, “I can’t wait to grow up!”