Preview of Final Project

Unity in Michigan

Why bother coming to lecture?


Preview of UMMNH

Enter into the rotunda -- and don't get dizzy!

Prehistoric Animalia

Credit: University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

UMMNH will be one of the three museums I will be featuring in my Michigan Revealed project.

Michigan’s (Not So) Hidden Treasure

Did you know the University of Michigan had  the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry? In all likelihood, NO

These coloful X-ray generators look like cranes (the bird or the machine)

Credit: Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry, School  of Dentistry, University of Michigan 

I urge to visit this museum, along with the multitudes of other museums or collections in Ann Arbor. Yes, Michigan has the Union, the League, the Chem Building, Dennison, CC Little, the MLB, East Hall, Fishbowl, UGLi, the Rec Room, the residential halls, the Big House, and more. But what about those other other buildings that line N. University Avenue (Dental Museum and the Natural History Museum) and State Street (UMMA) ?

More to come this weekend…

The Last Page of SI Kids

One of the greatest memories of my childhood was when I received my first edition of Sports Illustrated for Kids. I was 10 years old at the time, and I was just starting to get into sports world. As I initially flipped through the pages of the magazine, I was fascinated by the superstar interviews, the baseball cards provided, the user-submitted drawings. But of course, there was little ol’ Buzz at the last page. Were some of his adventures corny? Yes, but it was pleasure to read (and see!) Buzz’s shenaningans. Whether he creates a new sport or sneaks into the locker room of the football team, Buzz always has a trick up his sleeves. Today, almost ten years removed since I received my first issue, I appreciate Buzz for another reason. As the years rolled on, everything changed in SI Kids  — from the layout of the magazine to the sports superstars that are featured. But one thing will always be definite — Buzz Beamer’s latest adventure on the last page.

© Bill Hinds, 2003

Taking a look inside the Chemistry Building

Enter into the world of chemistry

When I’m not doing synthesis mechanisms in organic chemistry, I appreciate the unique architecture of the building